Online Doula Certification Course


Are you interested in prenatal and postnatal family care
but do not know where to start?

Are you looking to become a pre/postnatal specialist
in your current field?

Did you leave your weekend training
without quite knowing what to do next?

Our Maternal Support Practitioner (Birth and Postpartum Doula) Certification is a 13 week in-depth, interactive, online program that covers the comprehensive knowledge necessary for you to be a confident Maternal Support Worker. The course covers the spectrum of fertility through pregnancy and birth into the postnatal period. The instructors are experts in their fields with decades of experience in Maternal Health.

Our next session starts this FALL:

Thursday September 29th – Thursday December 15th  7 – 9pm EST


Tuition $879+HST (and we have payment plans!)

*All sessions are recorded

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13 Week Course Outline:

Week 1: What is support and why are we here? Discussing informed consent for your birth clients.

Week 2: Fertility – Issues, etiquette, tests and treatments

Week 3: Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

  • Stages and phases of labour
  • Pregnancy screens tests and procedures

Week 4: Nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting

  • Physical wellness for pregnancy and parenting
  •  Monitoring and interventions in labour and delivery

Week 5: Comfort measures and positions for labour and delivery

  • Massage for labour
  •  Breathing techniques for labour

Week 6: Chiropractic/Naturopathic Care/Alternative Medicine

  •  Pregnancy and family care
  • Parenting and family care

Week 7: Multiples – Pregnancy, delivery, and the postnatal period Week 8: Epidural – about, labours with, minimizing side effects

  • Comfort measures and scenarios

Week 9: Special circumstances in pregnancy

  • Preterm labour, bed rest, surgical birth, gestational diabetes, PIH, GBS)

Week 10: Mental & Physical Healing

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Depression
  • Healing and core/pelvic floor health

Week 11: Newborn care & the postpartum plan, Sleep & Sleep Training

  • Types of sleep programs
  • Parenting styles
  • Comfort measures to soothe a cranky/tired baby

Week 12: Business of Being a Doula

  • Paperwork, client care, prenatal/postnatal appointments
  • How to interview to get the job/selling yourself
  • Life as a doula


Bonus Webinar Recording:

Want to learn more about life as a doula and how our training can help you build a business you love? Watch this webinar, but get comfortable, its about 90min of great information. 

Is a Maternal Support Practitioner Certification right for you?

For new moms:

  • Working as a Maternal Support Practitioner allows you to stay home with your children, bring in a supplementary income, and work as much, or as little, as you would like.
  • Do not have to pay for full-time daycare.
  • Give back to families going through what you have just gone through.
  • Be part of stong community of like minded individuals.

For Health Practitioners (ie. Naturopaths, RMT’s, Fitness Professionals)

  • Allows you to expand your scope of practice dramatically.
  • Makes you a specialist in your field.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the physical, emotional, and psychological state of clients.
  • Gives you the freedom and knowledge to attend the births of your favorite prenatal clients.

Looking for a great career:

  • A great way to blend your passion for babies and bellies with a fun and lucrative career.
  • Plenty of opportunity to grow, create and expand within the bebo mia model or start your own business with the support of a expert team behind you.

Why online?

Our online training program offers many benefits to our future Doulas. While lessons stream live every Thursday for the 13-week course duration, they are also recorded and made available to you at any time that best suits your schedule. This means you can go at your own pace, without feeling rushed or stressed out with deadlines. As busy women ourselves, we understand that we all have so much on our plate, and we are proud to offer this type of unique flexibility.

And let’s not forget the convenience of online training. No transportation costs, no expensive books to buy, just an intensive and comprehensive training program lovingly taught by knowledgeable, experienced professionals. We have crafted a live, interactive program that brings you all the information, strategies and skills you need to become an amazing Doula. Our open-door policy creates intimate, communicative relationships with each of our trainees.

Our availability and thorough approach make for an innovative experience that combines technology with up-close and personal, guided learning. Our promise to you is that you will leave the program in confident possession of everything you require to the very best Doula you can be. So join us today and learn from the comfort of your own home or even your favourite coffee shop. You’ll walk away with a new direction, all signs pointing to a career that will change your life and the lives of those you touch.

What Do Our Graduates Say?

BeboMiaHS2013004“My experience in bebo mia’s Maternal Support Practitioner program was amazing. I had the opportunity to learn from so many talented women in various fields, which really reinforced the idea that as a doula you are a resource, not a source. The weekly classes afforded plenty of time to process information from previous lessons, and have all of your questions addressed before new material was taught, fostering a sense of security in your growing knowledge base”

– Sierra Killam

HPIM1603-2“When we first started training, I found the instructors very friendly, warm and approachable right off the bat. The material was easy to follow, no questions were off the table and there were amazing visual examples shown as well which really aided in my learning experience. As we started to support families in becoming new parents, I always felt comfortable and well supported by all bebo mia staff. I am happy I came across this training program when I did, I feel lucky”

– Natalie DiQuattro

20130809_183420000_iOS“I came from england 2 years ago and I wanted to find a job in the maternity field as I was trained as a maternity care assistant. I came across this training service through google search online. The teaching and the course style was just like going back to university, they give you a lot of information that you need to know, you need to know the physiology and the emotional side so you are prepared to help a woman who is having a baby and becoming a new parent.”

– Neeta Kahtri

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 “Every pregnant woman needs the support from bebo mia!”
– Dr. Sears


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